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    Listings of Australian Football League cards

    Online price guide for AFL and VFL trading cards

    Below is a listing of football cards from the 1900's to today. We are currently in the process of adding the Scanlens series from the 1960s-1980s with more recent trading cards coming soon. We will also be adding cigarette cards and other less mainstream card releases in the near future.

    Select releases

    2006 Select Supreme

    2006 Select Champions

    2005 Select Dynasty

    2005 Select Tradition

    1994 Select

    1993 Select

    Stimorol and Regina releases

    1992 Regina

    1991 Stimorol

    1990 Stimorol

    1989 Stimorol

    1988 Stimorol

    Scanlens releases

    1987 Scanlens

    1986 Scanlens

    1985 Scanlens

    1984 Scanlens

    1982 Scanlens

    1981 Scanlens

    1980 Scanlens

    1979 Scanlens

    1978 Scanlens

    1977 Scanlens

    1976 Scanlens

    1975 Scanlens

    1974 Scanlens

    1973 Scanlens

    1972 Scanlens

    1970 Scanlens

    1969 Scanlens

    1968 Scanlens

    1967 Scanlens

    1966 Scanlens

    1965 Scanlens

    1964 Scanlens

    1963 Scanlens

    Kornies releases

    1959 Kornies

    1957 Kornies

    1954 Kornies

    1953 Kornies

    1952 Kornies

    1951 Kornies

    1950 Kornies

    1949 Kornies

    1948 Kornies

    Card Spotlight - 1968 Scanlens Series A, John (Sam) Newman

    The Footy Show's own, Sammy Newman, is one of the most well known AFL personalities in the game. Whether you love him or hate him, he is definitely entertaining, and this card from 1968 features him back when he was a ruck for Geelong.
    The card is number 21 of 44 in Scanlens "A" series for that year, and is Newman's second ever trading card. Definitely a card worth having in your collection.

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